Vee's Grand Cru coffees: low in acidity, full-bodied, full of flavour

At Vee's coffee, we only use select Arabica gourmet coffee beans from best geographic locations, so-called "Grand Cru coffees". They mature in mountainous regions in up to 2000m of altitude in Indonesia, East Africa and Latin America, where the world's finest quality coffees are grown. Their slow maturation makes them much tougher and therefore suitable for our very careful, intense and aromatic roasting process. It ensures that our coffees can fully unfold their fragrances and all their characteristic flavours. Expect a significantly lower acidity, more fullness and long-lasting aromas.

Individually roasted by hand

Every Grand Cru coffee is hand-roasted by Vee in small batches. The roasting process, that is, the temperature over time and the duration of the roast are optimized for each type of coffee individually so that the best taste experience is achieved. Sometimes it needs to be adjusted depending on the weather and outside temperatures. We give high importance to typical aromas: for example, Vee's "Mexico Maragogype" is gently roasted with fragrant flavours, while Guatemala's "Genuine Antigua" needs a little more heat to fully develop its delicious chocolaty flavours.

Vee's coffee is different

Conventional coffee often has relatively high acidity. Vee's coffee is different. Because of our long, intensive roasting process, the coffee is given enough time to break down its acids, which often are perceived as disturbing, and thereby, depending on the variety, form a multitude of intense aromas which are harmoniously united in our blends.

The blend is the clue

When roasting coffee, there often is a narrow timeframe of only 10-15 seconds, in which a Grand-Cru coffee reaches its aromatic peek – a too short roasted coffee would result in the lack of full-bodiedness, while a too long roasted coffee would fade its typical aromas, and the coffees will taste increasingly similar. In our blends, coffee is sometimes roasted individually, so that all flavour components can develop individually. Above all, it is the exquisite richness, the intense, the deep and complex sweetness and wholesomeness that characterizes our full-bodied coffee. And the escaping etheric oils make our coffee beans shine beautifully and smell so delicious.

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