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lorbeer-1999-de-cut-m.gifVee's coffee, (the "V" stands for "Victory"), is a treat of the highest quality, because we roast hand-selected gourmet coffee beans from best locations, so-called Grand Cru coffees from Indonesia, East Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Already back in 1999, when we successfully started this company, we were the first to use the expression "Grand-Cru Coffee". Copycats followed us. Only slow maturing and significantly harder Grand-Cru coffee beans that grow in high mountain regions under excellent climatic conditions are suitable for our very thorough, intensive and much more aromatic roasts. This allows our coffee to unfold its fragrances and flavours without limitations. In conclusion, Vee's coffee has significantly less acidity, more fullness and long-lasting flavours. The freshly ground coffee beans give an intense fragrance.

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