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From Latin America And the Caribbean...


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Vee's COLOMBIA -...
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Vee's COLOMBIA - Decaffeinated (Vee's KOLUMBIEN - Entkoffeiniert)
From Price €7.20
26.40€/1000g · Medium body.  Mild highland coffee. Powerful in taste, incomparably velvety, fruity sweet and balanced.  ♥ Decaffeinated ♥ 
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Vee's ORGANIC GALAPAGOS - San Cristóbal
From Price €12.60
46.40€/1000g · Full/medium body.  Organic coffee from controlled organic cultivation. Full-bodied, fruity-nutty aromas, intense taste of dark chocolate....
Vee's  GUATEMALA - Genuine...
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Vee's GUATEMALA - Genuine Antigua (Vee's GUATEMALA - Echter Antigua)
From Price €8.20
28.80€/1000g · Full body.  Full-bodied with almost perfect fullness, spicy with hints of chocolate. 
Vee's  COSTA RICA - Tres Rios
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Vee's COSTA RICA - Tres Rios
From Price €7.40
25.60€/1000g · Full/medium body.  Full-bodied and powerful, with hints of dark chocolate, almonds and honey, and a wonderful scent. 
Vee's MEXICO - Maragogype...
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Vee's MEXICO - Maragogype (Vee's MEXIKO - Maragogype)
From Price €8.50
30.80€/1000g · Medium / light body.  Mild with pleasantly light, extremely fragrant fullness and hints of nuts and cocoa. 
Vee's PANAMA - Boquete...
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Vee's PANAMA - Boquete Grand Reserva
From Price €8.50
32.40€/1000g · Medium body.  Very well-balanced body with aromas reminiscent of jasmine tea and ripe citrus fruits.