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Vee's COSTA RICA - Tres Rios

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25.60 € / 1000g

Full-bodied and powerful, with hints of dark chocolate, almonds and honey, and a wonderful scent.

Full/medium body



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Vee's  COSTA RICA - Tres Rios

Coming from Cuba, the coffee arrived in Costa Rica in 1729. The altitude and climatic conditions are similar to those of Guatemala. The best Costa Rica coffee comes from the cultivation areas "Tarrazu" and "Tres Rios". We prefer a full-bodied Grand-Cru coffee from the area around Tres Rios with higher altitudes above 1600m. Our "Tres Rios" tolerates a slightly darker, aromatic roast due to the harder beans. The dark roasted coffee is full-bodied and powerful, with nuances of dark chocolate, almonds and honey. Sweet and balanced in the taste with noble fullness and a wonderful smell.

Full /medium body

Serving recommendations: Filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato


Data sheet

Organically grown
Decaffeinated Coffee
4 Dark brown
4 ****
4 Full/Medium body
Fruity flavors
2 ●●○○○
Nutty flavors
4 ●●●●○
Chocolaty flavors
3 ●●●○○
Spicy flavors
3 ●●●○○
Sweet flavors
4 ●●●●○
Smoky flavors
0 ○○○○○
Aroma details
Tangy, honey, almonds, chocolate.

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