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31.60 €  / 1000g

- Extra fine flavours - The best beans from East Africa combined with Blue Mountain coffee from Papua New Guinea in perfect balance with the aromas of flowers, berries and fruits.

Medium body



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Like every year, Vee's offers an exquisite Easter Roast for a limited time only. We use our best beans from East Africa and Blue Mountain coffee beans from Papua New Guinea.
Ethiopia was the birthplace of coffee and dates back to the 6th century AD. The beans of the Arabica Hairloom variety, the oldest and most genetically diverse coffee plant, offer overwhelming varieties of aromas reminiscent of blueberries, jasmine and intensely floral scent. The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe used by us unfolds an intense blueberry flavour.
In Kenya, at the beginning of the last century, an ingenious Arabica variety was bred by crossing Arabica bourbon and Arabica hairloom, which is now known in the art as the Arabica Scott Lab 28 (SL 28) and is considered the best coffee from Kenya. SL 28 is intensely fruity with aromas of red wine, cherries and dark berries.
Blue Mountain refers to the Blue Mountains in eastern Jamaica and a Jamaica-mutated Arabica coffee variety named after their ancestry. Coffee from the Blue Mountain variety is for example also cultivated in Kenya and Papua New Guinea, with dominant tropical fruit flavours.
Vee's Easter Roast is extremely complex and harmoniously balanced, with an elegant body (medium body) and aromas of nuts, dark berries, tropical woods and chocolate.
Due to the intensive roasting, Vee's Easter Roast is low-acid and friendly to the stomach, and can also be prepared as espresso.

Medium body

Serving recommendations: Filter  coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato


Data sheet

Organically grown
Decaffeinated Coffee
4 Dark brown
5 *****
3 Medium body
Fruity flavors
5 ●●●●●
Nutty flavors
1 ●○○○○
Chocolaty flavors
1 ●○○○○
Spicy flavors
1 ●○○○○
Sweet flavors
3 ●●●○○
Smoky flavors
0 ○○○○○
Aroma details
Flowers, dark berries ad fruit

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