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Vee's French Roast (Vee's Französische Röstung)

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25.60 €  / 1000g

Very dark roast especially for a french breakfast coffee with hot milk.

Medium body



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Vee's French Roast

The "French roast" is our darkest roast. It is named after a roast style, which was widely used in France at the end of the 19th century. Dark roasted, ebony beans that shimmer mysteriously through the aromatic oils that have come to the surface. A "Grand-Cru" blend of tall, very hard beans from East Africa and Latin America that can withstand the greater heat. The dark roast emphasizes sharpness and spicy notes with smoky overtones. Our French roast "half filled with milk is particularly suitable as a strong morning coffee - in the traditional French style.

Medium body

Serving recommendations: French breakfast coffee


Data sheet

Organically grown
Decaffeinated Coffee
5 Dark
3 ***
3 Medium body
Fruity flavors
0 ○○○○○
Nutty flavors
0 ○○○○○
Chocolaty flavors
0 ○○○○○
Spicy flavors
3 ●●●○○
Sweet flavors
0 ○○○○○
Smoky flavors
5 ●●●●●
Aroma details
Spicy, smoky, roast aromas.

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