Bialetti® Moka Express Espresso Cooker

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Bring the Italian way of life into your home - with Bialetti and their famous "Moka Express".



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Aluminum espresso maker - espresso tradition combined with modernity

Die original Bialetti Kaffeemaschine - um 1933Das Bialetti Marhenzeichen - der bärtige MannThe original Bialetti coffee machine - around 1933The Bialetti trademark - the bearded manFor 80 years now, the famous man with the mustache - a homage to company founder Alfonso Bialetti - has been an integral part of households around the world.

His principle: Classic, high-quality and individual espresso enjoyment for the home. At the beginning of the 1930s the time had come: Alfonso Bialetti, inspired by his wife Ada, made use of a simple water pressure principle and developed the very first of the legendary octagonal espresso makers - the "Moka Express".

The classic of Italian cuisine is exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York due to its unique design - almost unchanged to this day and sold over 300 million times worldwide.
The world market leader in espresso makers enjoys a worldwide reputation thanks to a broad product portfolio for its functional and high-quality kitchen accessories in an impressive design.

Bring the Italian way of life into your home - with Bialetti.


  • The best-selling espresso maker in the world with over 300 million units.
  • The design classic is exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
  • Made of double-turned, high-quality and polished aluminium, with an ergonomic handle and the patented safety valve.
  • A perfect synthesis of design, function and quality
  • Suitable for all heat sources, except induction)
  • Easy cleaning


Alfonso Bialetti

Alfonso Bialetti (1888 - 1970) was an Italian inventor. He is best known for inventing the "Moka Express" (1933). The Moka Express was the first espresso pot for private households that worked according to the percolator principle. Today it is part of most Italian cuisines (cucina italiana). This classic was offensively marketed by Alfonso's son Renato after the Second World War and thereby gained worldwide fame.

Bialetti worked in France in an aluminum factory before returning to Omegna-Crusinallo, Italy, in 1918 and opening his own machine shop there. Bialetti came up with the idea of not making espresso under the high pressure that the bar machines generated by a tensioned spring (nowadays by means of a pump), but only using the low steam pressure in the pot to force the water through the coffee - allegedly after seeing washing machines that worked on a similar principle.

By 1933 he had solved the technical problems. Similar in design to a classic Italian coffee machine, he launched the Moka Express, made entirely of aluminium. According to the ad, she made it possible to have an espresso at home like in a café without the slightest technical skills. However, Bialetti did not have the business skills to market the coffee machine on a large scale. He personally sold the Moka Express mainly at market and similar stands. Therefore, the machine was initially only known regionally. Bialetti's son Renato recognized the potential of the Moka Express, applied for a patent and marketed it professionally. As a result, Bialetti built the world's largest factory for coffee machines.

The design of the machine has remained almost unchanged to this day.

Schematische Diagramm der Bialetti Kaffeemaschine und der Prototyp^ Alfonso Bialetti in seiner Fabrik

How to make coffee with a Bialetti espresso maker

1. First, pour room temperature water into the Moka Kettle and fill to the level of the safety valve. Do not exceed this level to avoid the coffee becoming too watery.
2. Now select the desired ground coffee mixture. Attention! The mixture must have a certain degree of grinding for moka, not too fine. Fill the moka funnel generously without squeezing the coffee.
3. Place the coffee maker on the heat source; If it's a flame, make sure it doesn't extend beyond the rim of the coffee pot. Do not use the maximum intensity on an induction/electric/ceramic hob. When the coffee in the collection container has risen completely, switch off the heating.
4. Now the crucial moment: the taste. To fully enjoy all the flavors released, we recommend drinking the coffee as it was just poured into the cup.


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Bialetti® Moka Express Espresso Cooker

Bring the Italian way of life into your home - with Bialetti and their famous "Moka Express".

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