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23.60€ / 1000g

Tea made from dried coffee-cherry-pulp, with intense fruity aromas reminiscent of sweet cherries, prunes, honey and rosehips, with natural fruit sweetness.

From controlled organic cultivation



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Vee's Red Gorilla Energy Tea is a treat of the highest quality. Because we only use extremely valuable, sun-dried pulp of ripe and hand-picked coffee cherries, from exquisite “Grand Cru coffees” from Latin America. In its countries of origin, this tea with its large amount of caffeine is also known as "Cascara" and it is known and enjoyed for centuries.  Only the coffee cherries that ripen slowly in high mountain regions under particularly ideal climatic conditions form very intensely, fruity aromas which are reminiscent of sweet cherries, prunes, ripe oranges, honey and rose hips with natural fruit sweetness.

Vee’s Red Gorilla Energy Tea can be enjoyed hot or cold with ice cubes as an energizing refreshment (energy drink), sprinkled with lemonade or seasoned with fresh ginger and cinnamon. It takes about 4 to 5 slightly heaped tablespoons of dried pulp for a litre of tea. Also suitable for use with a press jug (French Press).

From controlled organic cultivation


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