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Vee's EL SALVADOR - Sweet Pacamara

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31.60 € / 1000g

Fruity hints of ripe oranges with intense aromas of brown sugar, caramel and sweet chocolate.

Medium body



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Vee's EL SALVADOR - Sweet Pacamara

Coffee was first cultivated by the French at the beginning of the 18th century on the Caribbean islands, which were French colonies at that time. Around 1740, coffee made its way to Central America, to El Salvador, south of Guatemala, west of Honduras, north of Nicaragua. El Salvador is known to grow almost exclusively "Unaltered Coffee" (Arabica heirloom varieties, direct descendants of the original coffee from Ethiopia and Yemen), 68% Arabica Bourbon (an heirloom mutation in 1700 by the Réunion Island) and 30% Arabica Pacas, a Bourbon mutation discovered in 1949.

The Typica Mutation, also known as  Elephant Beans) and Arabica Pacas (Arabica Bourbon Mutation) weres masterpieces of the Genetic Department of the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC) in 1958. After 30 years of careful breeding, the ISIC released the fifth generation of Pacamara for cultivation, The coffee is cultivated in El Salvador on volcanic soil at altitudes of 1200 m - 1500 m.

Pacamara coffee beans are three to four times the size of conventional coffee beans. The coffee is slightly stronger and more intense than Maragogype, has a very pleasant fullness (medium-body), and the aroma depends strongly on the degree of roast. Vee's prefers a gentle, but longer roast. As a result, Vee's Sweet Pacamara develops fruity hints of ripe oranges with intense aromas of brown sugar, caramel and sweet chocolate. Vee's Sweet Pacamara can, therefore, be enjoyed both as a regular coffee and as a mild espresso.

Vee's Sweet Pacamara compared to industrial cheap espresso from Italy: Italian low-priced Espressos mainly use very cheap small-beaned raw coffee, with fast-paced maturation and high yields. The beans contain relatively little sugar and hardly any flavourings. Since small-beaned coffees are more curved than large-beaned coffees, the beans require more energy to break up, or, in this case, higher roasting temperatures. The roast is shorter and hotter - but the beans are small. As a result, the beans are already partially charred from the outside.  Due to the high proportion of low-quality Robusta beans and Brazilian filling coffee, hardly any typical coffee flavours can develop. Such an espresso is no treat for the palate, and in a cappuccino-drink, the taste of such coffee would be "drowned" and dominated by the milk.

Medium body

Serving recommendations:  Filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato


Data sheet

Organically grown
Decaffeinated Coffee
3 Brown
4 ****
3 Medium body
Fruity flavors
3 ●●●○○
Nutty flavors
2 ●●○○○
Chocolaty flavors
1 ●○○○○
Spicy flavors
2 ●●○○○
Sweet flavors
5 ●●●●●
Smoky flavors
0 ○○○○○
Aroma details
Very sweet, caramel, chocolate, ripe oranges.

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