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Vee's INDIA - Monsooned Malabar (Vee's INDIEN - Monsooned Malabar)

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31.20€ / 1000g

* * * Light Roast * * *. Wonderfully mild and very digestible. With intense, spicy aromas of nuts and cocoa.

Medium / Full body



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Vee's INDIA - Monsooned Malabar

The origins of the Monsooned Malabar date back to the 18th century, when raw coffee was transported on ships from India to Europe during the monsoon season. As it took nearly 6 months to sail passing the Cape of Good Hope, the beans ripened from a fresh green to a pale yellow-gold colour in the constantly moist climate.
Today monsooning is a maturing process under comparable climatic conditions. The harvested beans are dried in the sun and stored until the beginning of the monsoon season. From June to September, the beans are exposed to wind and moisture, thus losing their natural acidity. The roasted coffee is mild and sweet and is characteristic of the Malabar Coast in the southwest of India.
Vee's India Monsooned Malabar has great a body with spicy aromas of cocoa and nuts.

Medium / Full body

Serving recommendation: filter coffee, milk coffee, coffee with cram, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato


Data sheet

Organically grown
Decaffeinated Coffee
2 light brown
3 ***
4 Full/Medium body
Fruity flavors
1 ●○○○○
Nutty flavors
5 ●●●●●
Chocolaty flavors
3 ●●●○○
Spicy flavors
1 ●○○○○
Sweet flavors
4 ●●●●○
Smoky flavors
0 ○○○○○
Aroma details
Sweet, hazelnut and nougat

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